Unique Impressions

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Unique Impressions 

Started 1996

Bring the WOW factor to your company.  All small companies are finding their bottom line squeezed.  But how do Mom and Pop Stores as well as the big store show that new look we all know we need.  Unique Impressions is here to help you.  

Here is a simple test if you see a Guy in a Orange Apron where are you.

A Navy Vest. A Red Staff Shirt.  Home Depot, Wal-Mart-Target.  Uniforms make it easy for your clients to find your employees.  If your in a service company. Uniforms make it easy for the person your help know your the person for the job.  "Remember you can trust your car to the man who wears the Star."  Even Chase Bank has added uniforms to the employees.  

Other things we do at Unique, Monograming Services, Screen Printing ,  Gifts and Promotional Products that work for you.  

We have won 18 National Embroidery Awards. Here are just a few of our award winning embrodery.  


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